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Major Overhaul / Hydro Modernization Achieves Greater Output/Performance

Due to deterioration and degradation of the original OEM unit, a run-of-the-river hydro plant sought an alternate solution to ensure optimal condition. TurbinePROs provided full refurbishment with engineering of a new head cover and manufacturing of new wicket gates. These modifications achieved greater output and enhanced operation post refurbishment compared to the original unit.

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COVID-19 Safe Practices: Project Delivery Protocol to Protect Health & Safety

TurbinePROs has always been committed to our customers', employees', and entire project team's health and safety. Now, providing the safest, most productive services to power-generating facilities while minimizing and preventing the spread of COVID-19 is of paramount importance. We have worked diligently to develop solutions and protocol above and beyond the CDC's standard health and safety guidelines to mitigate Coronavirus infection while we are servicing critical plant components vital to infrastructure.

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Zero Recordable Injuries 2018

It is with great pride and gratitude that we thank every one of our team and those we work with on site who made 2018 the safest year in TurbinePROs' history. 

The Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) is a mathematical calculation used by OSHA to define the number of employees per 100 full-time employees who have been involved in an OSHA-recordable injury or illness.

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Supervisor Leadership Training

This past summer, we were able to bring in over 45 Supervisors and Keys for training.  We focused on Expectations and Leadership.  From a Quality Standpoint, we focused on the need to fill out the necessary checklists and forms in the field such as Work Procedures, FME Logs, and Data Sheets, to name a few. These checklists allow the team to work comprehensively towards finishing a project in a timely and safe manner.

Unique Solution Development for Stop Logs

During a hydro turbine rehabilitation project, TurbinePROs field services provided a unique solution to an unexpected issue the customer encountered. The issue threatened delay and stoppage of the project. Fabrication & Delivery of 32 Stop Logs: In need of stop logs on site within a few weeks, it was determined that other vendors were either unable to meet the schedule or unable to procure materials.

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